Clerk of Circuit Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued an order on 3/22/2020 suspending all-in person Circuit Court proceedings because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • All parties for court appearances are to appear via phone, teleconferencing or video conferencing.
  • All court hearings remain open to the public or others to attend. However, any member of the public or media who wishes to attend via phone or video means must contact the Circuit Court 15 minutes prior to the hearing to receive a call-in number and directions. Please contact the Circuit Court at 920-849-1465.


The Clerk of Courts is responsible for maintaining and processing court records for all court case types including Family, Civil, Traffic, Criminal, Passports, and Jury Duty. 

Our staff coordinates the flow of documents, work, and information between the court, outside agencies, and the general public. We perform all the statutory duties of the office as dictated by Wisconsin State Statutes.

Term of Office

The term of office for the Clerk of Courts is a four-year term. The election is always in the fall of the year.

Efficient Duties

Duties are discussed and evaluated in order to determine the best and most efficient procedure to follow, in order to produce greater productivity with an end result of more revenue to the county. It is the goal of the office to abide by the ever-changing statutes that govern our daily duties in order to provide efficiency to the Judiciary.

Other duties as prescribed in Wisconsin Statutes 59.40