Huber Law Property Allowables

Huber Law / Work Release Allowable Items

Property Allowed in the Huber Dorm

Upon admission into the Calumet County Jail, you will be allowed to bring in the following items. This will be your only opportunity to do so. Items marked with an asterisk* must be new and sealed in a company brand package. Replacement items/products must be purchased from the Jail Commissary:

  • Three white bras for dorm (women only, no under-wire) (must have price tag)*
  • Five changes of white underwear for dorm*
  • Three white T-shirts (no pockets, no printing on front or back, must include sleeves)*
  • Five pairs of white socks for dorm*
  • One white sweatshirt (no pockets, hoods or zippers) (must have price tag)*
  • One pair of white thermal underwear, top and bottom, (no pockets, no printing on front or back, must have sleeves)*
  • Two small hairbands
  • One alarm clock (wind-up only)*
  • Two pencils without eraser
  • One tablet of writing paper (no spiral bound)
  • Five embossed envelopes (no loose stamps)
  • Bible or Koran (soft cover only)
  • Wedding band (without stones)
  • Three photos - any photos deemed inappropriate will be held in safekeeping and returned to the inmate upon release
  • One pair of prescription eyeglasses. Contacts are not allowed.
  • Dentures
  • Hearing aids
  • Religious medallion, shall be worn under the T-shirt/uniform at all times and no larger than 1 inches in diameter. It will be allowed unless a jail supervisor deems it unsafe. Items deemed unsafe will be held in safekeeping and returned to the inmate upon release
  • Legal materials

Allowable Work Clothing and Related Items

The following items are not allowed in the Huber dorm but may be kept in your changing room locker for use at work:

  • Five changes of work clothes
  • One pair of shoes and/or boots
  • One seasonal jacket or coat
  • One pair of seasonal gloves
  • One hat or cap
  • Three bras for work (no under-wire)
  • Five changes of underwear for work
  • Two pairs of thermal underwear for work
  • Five T-shirts for work
  • Five pairs of socks for work
  • Rain gear
  • A minimum amount of cash may be kept in the inmate's assigned locker in the changing room


Inmates shall make a complete change of clothing, including socks and underwear prior to entering or leaving the Huber dorm. Underwear and socks worn for work will not be allowed into the Huber dorm and underwear and socks worn in the dorm must remain in the dorm when the inmate leaves for work. Huber / work release inmates are required to have two sets of clothes, including underwear and socks; one set for work and another set for the dorm.